Are You Done Having Children?

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"Are you done having children?" "Is she your last one?" "You're done, right?" I get asked these questions a lot. Honestly, it's no one's business how many children we want to add to our family. It shouldn't matter whether we have one child or twenty children as long as they are all loved and cared for. Right? I mean, why does it matter? Why is it that if someone has more than two children {or only has one child} all of a sudden EVERYONE is interested in their sex life? "You do … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to the Overwhelmed Homemaker

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Dear Overwhelmed Homemaker, Are the inmates running the asylum? Today, that's what it feels like. I am fighting to get my laundry back under control. Cleaning out clutter for a yard sale next weekend. Trying to figure out what's for dinner. Keeping the littles occupied while going over homeschool lessons for today. But I know that just because you are a homemaker, doesn't mean you are a mom. I was there. I was a homemaker without children while working on my Masters. Homemaking is … [Read more...]

First Start Reading: Phonics, Reading, and Printing

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This year has been full of trial and error in regards to our homeschooling year. While we've focused on Math and Writing this year, Reading hasn't been as easy, until I was chosen to review First Start Reading from Memoria Press. Oh how this classical curriculum changed our school day. Reading has not been going well for us. Read aloud time is great, but when it's my daughter's turn to sound out letters and put them together to make words, there is frustration and sometimes tears. Honestly, … [Read more...]

The Power of Home Equity


This post is written and sponsored by U.S. Bank. Seems you’ve got a bit of a dilemma on your hands. That big project you’ve had in your head for what feels like forever is now actually coming together on paper and just waiting to be started. You have the time to do it and - best of all? - you want to do it. There’s just one problem. You need funds, because without them, your dream project stays on hold. But fear not! If you’re a homeowner, and have equity in your home, you may have some … [Read more...]

Win a $300 Target Gift Card


GIVEAWAY DETAILS Prize: $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!  Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Check the Rafflecopter for the link to our other Target gift card to double your chances of winning! Giveaway ends 5/5 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email. Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog? Click here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers! a Rafflecopter … [Read more...]

4 Don’t Miss Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking

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Are you a stressed-out homemaker? Don’t stay overwhelmed! Check out this free eCourse: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking! Are you tired of getting behind on laundry? Do you struggle to keep your kitchen clean? Does the dinner hour have you harried? If so, you cannot miss a FREE 4-part mini eCourse that is available for a limited time: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking! In this eCourse, you will learn: how to never get behind on laundry again, how to wake … [Read more...]