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Featured Post:

This week I’m featuring Little K’s 15 Months!  from The 4 Bears. Little K is adorable! They grow up so fast. Too fast at times. We celebrate small victories in our house with regards to our son’s speech speech therapy. Hang in there, mama. I’ll be praying for the appointment in April. Keep us updated!

Thank you so much for sharing your family with us and linking up!

40 Weeks:

So technically I won’t be 40 weeks until Wednesday. While the first trimester slowly inched by, the rest has sped by. It’s hard to believe we’ll be holding baby girl in our arms so. I wish I knew how soon though. My inlaws should be here sometime tomorrow, so that takes a little stress off of the situation. At least I know that someone will be here with the older kids. But then at the same time, I’ll have people here waiting for me to go into labor. Kind of like watching a pot boil. Ha!

The bags are packed. The carseat is installed. I have my essential oils picked out and ready to go. I guess we’re as ready as we will be.

Although, Baby Girl still doesn’t have a name. Any suggestions? We had names for our 1st and 3rd, but our 2nd didn’t have a name until we had to fill out the birth certificate. Make sure you check back to see when she makes her appearance!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the party Whitney

  2. Are you wanting anyone who links up to follow the Hosts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Bloglovin? Or can we follow on the site we most frequently use?
    This is my first Link up and I just want to follow the rules :) Can’t wait to link up each week!

    • Totally up to you, Laura! I don’t really like link-ups that make you follow every single host. Maybe check everyone out and see if they share things that might interest you. Thank you so much for joining us this week!! I really love our little community. I hope you have a great week!!

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