20 Two Player Board Games for Date Night

20 Two Player Board Games for Date Night

2 player board games for date night

In 14 years of marriage I’ve learned that making date nights happen is hard, but making date nights a priority is even harder. Mainly because of one thing.

Do you know what that one thing is?


Life happens.

Even when finances are strained and we can’t go out, we still have to make dating our spouse a priority. There will be seasons when we can go out and explore our town and spend hours together as a couple reconnecting. But until then, we can be intentional about the hours that we do have together.

Hours that can be spent together after the kids go to bed.

Instead of turning on the television and mindlessly watching TV together in silence, turn it off and break out a board game.

A fun game can reconnect you and your spouse. You can laugh and have fun again, enjoying the little things that you did together years ago. You can talk with one another and grow your relationship.

Date nights are that important.

20 two player board games for date night

When you haven’t spent much time together alone in awhile, those moments can be awkward. Break the ice with a couple of board games to reconnect. You might find that this is your favorite way to spend nights after the kids are asleep. I’ve linked to the games with affiliate links to make it easier for you to find them.

Two Player Board Games for Date Night

  1. Jenga
  2. UNO
  3. Scrabble
  4. Battleship
  5. Connect4
  6. Checkers
  7. Chess
  8. Backgammon
  9. Blokus
  10. Yahtzee
  11. Mancala
  12. Boggle
  13. Cribbage
  14. Clue
  15. Risk
  16. Life
  17. Monopoly
  18. BeanBoozled
  19. Ticket to Ride
  20. Trivial Pursuit

What are your favorite two player board games for date night?

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  1. Sophie

    22 February

    The only game I can get my husband to play is Ticket to Ride! (Ok so he would play Monopoly, but I have bad memories of playing it growing up so we haven’t done that one yet) Maybe he’ll expand his horizons one day, but since we don’t get much opportunity to play so far we stick with what we know we both like 😉

  2. Great post! Ticket to Ride is a favorite for us. We also love Tsuro, Lost Cities, Zombie Dice, and Fluxx (though the latter two are dice and card games, not board games).

  3. Liz

    9 March

    Clue is minimum 3 players 🙂

  4. Nicole

    27 December

    Great games.

    Also Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert are great games as the players are playing against the game and can be played with only 2 people. My husband and I love these 2 games.

  5. Charlene

    4 January

    I live in a nursing home and there is only 2 of us who like to play games so we’re always looking for new games to play. Thank you so much for all your ideas.

  6. Andrea

    12 January

    Yikes. You can tell you don’t play a lot of board games with your spouse…

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