50 Fun Date Night Ideas

Date night ideas came so easy before we had children. Children are definitely a blessing, but they can complicate our need to date our husband.

50 date ideas

Finding a babysitter can be expensive. Especially once you have several children to watch. I know it’s hard for us to find a babysitter. Once you secure the babysitter, then what? Sure you could do the old standbys and go out for dinner and see a movie. But after awhile, those could get boring.

How do you continue to date your husband after the honeymoon is long over?

That’s where this list of 50 Fun Date Ideas comes in. You can combine some of the ideas to make a whole day date, or mix and match to fit your mood. I have used affiliate links to make shopping easier for you.

50 Fun Date Night Ideas

1. Bowling. Kickin’ it old school, I know. But it may very well bring back good memories from before you got married. For a date night IN, try this indoor bowling set.

2. Hike in the woods. Go to a State Park and make a morning of it. Hike some of the trails and then have  a picnic lunch. Unplug and just enjoy being with each other.

3. Go to the theater. Not the movie theater. I love Broadway shows. See what is touring in your area, or search for local theaters. Sometimes you can even find discounted tickets for afternoon shows.

4. Book store Date. Grab a coffee from the coffee shop, and browse the shelves with your hubby.

5. Drive In Movie. I prefer this movie date to a movie theater date. You can still talk and won’t get shhh-ed.

6. Dance Lessons. You could learn to Salsa, or learn the Waltz with Ballroom Dancing lessons.

7. Whitewater Rafting. This would be a fun date day. Check for coupons and ask around for recommendations. Don’t go with a company just because they are cheap!! Be safe and smart :).

8. Wine Tasting Tours. Whether you are interested in tasting the wine or not, most vineyards are beautiful and romantic. I love just walking the grounds. If they have a little cafe, that makes it even better!

9. Art Gallery. Find a free one and browse the art. Maybe it will spark some creativity and you can create some art together for your home.  This is a  favorite romantica date night ideas choice for many couples since it is quiet and reflective. 

10. Ice-skating. Finding an outdoor ice-skating place would be super fun. But if you can’t find one, I’d probably save ice-skating for a date during the Summer, but that’s just me.

11. Roller-skating. Kickin’ it old school again. If they play songs from when you were in elementary or middle school, that’s a bonus!

12. Fix dinner together. I know it sounds simple, but you do have to work together. You could even have a cook-off and the loser has to wash the dishes.

13. Find an international grocery store and browse the aisles. I did this once at an Asian Grocery Store and it was great. Some of the produce was cheaper too!

14. Make a Bucket List together. You can base some date nights off this list.

15. Be a tourist. Look for local festivals or tourist sites nearby and visit them. You never know what you might find in your own backyard!

16. Drive. Get in the car and drive. Enjoy the face time together. You might discover a new restaurant or a cute little town that you didn’t even know was there.

17. Plan a picnic. Keep it simple or add in some fun cheeses with crackers and Sparkling Grape Juice or Wine. Use your phone for some mood setting music but stay off social media and email!!

18. Play a board game together. Here are some great board games you can play with two people. What are your favorites?

19. Make it a Spa Day with a couples massage.  You can’t get any more intimate and romantic in date night ideas than this!

20. Go for a bike ride together. You get exercise and can explore the area.

21. Go out for ice cream at an ice cream parlor. There’s something super fun about sitting at the counter of an ice cream parlor and drinking a root beer float. Make ice cream together at home. This machine brings back memories.

22. Stay home and rent a movie. Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite drink, turn off all the lights, and pretend you’re at the movie theater. We love using Amazon Prime. Start Your Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial Now!

23. Dinner Party. I love the idea of a monthly dinner party group. Adult conversation. Friends. Food. It doesn’t get much better than that!

24. Do a puzzle together. This one is for the Disney lovers. This one is pretty cool too.

25. Go to a local coffee shop and grab a coffee. Talk about where you see yourselves in 5 to 10 years.  As far as date night ideas go, this one is perfect for simply reconnecting intellectually and emotionally.

50 FUN Date Ideas

26. Go fly a kite. You can make your own or buy one.

27. Go to war with a water gun or Nerf gun fight. Break out the kids toys and go to “war” with each other.

28. Learn a language together. Pick a foreign language and start learning it together.

29. Get tickets to a local sporting event. We have several minor league and pro teams in the area. So far we’ve always taken the kids, but it would be fun for a date night.

30. An ice cream crawl. Think pub crawl but with ice cream. Could it be any better?

31. Take a walking tour of your city. Get out and enjoy the fresh air and learn about the city where you live.

32. Find a local music venue. Enjoy live music from local artists.

33. Sample Hot Sauces. Go to a wings place and try their sauces. Rate your favorites and compare.

34. Play in the rain. This one will have to be spontaneous. And you’ll have to give up control, but there is something fun and romantic about playing and dancing in warm rain.

35. Sky dive together. This wouldn’t be for everyone, but I know some people would love to go sky diving on a date day.

36. Ethnic Food Feasting. Map out ethnic food restaurants. Sample something authentic from each one and finish it off with a tasty dessert.

37. Wake up early and watch the sunrise together. Then have someone go out and bring back coffee and bagels or donuts.

38. Visit the zoo. The zoo is a whole different experience without kids. You can take the time to really see the exhibits, walk around, take some tours, eat some snacks.

39. Try the new restaurant you both have been wanting to try. For me, that would be Tupelo Honey!

40. Balloon Ride. While I would love this, my husband doesn’t care for heights. But it would still be fun!  Talk about using fun date night ideas to encourage the spirit of adventure in your life!

41. Go horse back riding. I grew up riding horses, and prefer English saddles, but most group trail rides seem to be with Western saddles. But it would still be fun to ride together.

42. Shooting Range. Nothing says “I love you” like shooting guns together.

43. Dinner Theater. Food and live entertainment all in one.

44. Pick fruit that is in season. Whether it’s apples, strawberries, or blueberries, you can pick it together and even can it another day.

45. The Symphony. During certain seasons, our local symphony hosts special events on the weekends. They are outside and free. You can bring a picnic dinner, blanket, and some folding chairs.

46. Paint Your Own Pottery. While cheesy, we actually did this one day. It was pretty fun creating something together.

47. Art classes. Whether it’s painting, pottery, or another form of art, you could learn a new skill together.

48. Tour local gardens. You might even get some inspiration for your own landscape.

49. Horse drawn carriage ride. Cuddled up under a warm blanket while exploring your city. Sounds like the perfect date night ideas for romance to me!

50. Enjoy your time together. Date nights or days aren’t always possible. Make the most of every moment you have together. Kiss each other first thing in the morning, before someone leaves the house, when you get home together, and before you fall asleep. Make each other a priority. Always say “I love you.”

What would you add to the list?

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  1. Anna

    29 January

    My Valentine is a great cook and has a sense of humor.

  2. Wow, those are a lot of good ideas! My husband and I tried the dance lesson option…didn’t go so well….sorta like when we tried to wall paper together or play squash against one another…we are too competitive it would seem! 🙂 They make for funny stories though 20 years later! Visiting via SITS. Love the name of your blog by the way.

  3. Charlotte

    31 January

    Awww, I love so many of your suggestions here–what a great list! I was actually thinking that my BF and I really need to amp it up a bit in the love department and do some more couple-y things together… but our schedules make that a bit difficult sometimes. That being said, we recently went to the grand opening of a vegan restaurant in town, participated in a BYOB paint class, and had an UNO night the other day… so I’m going to lighten up on him. That being said, I would give anything to have him take a dance class with me 🙂 That sounds like so much fun! Oh, and spontaneous road trips are my favorite. Too bad I’m stuck in this polar vortex of cold chilling weather. GET ME OUTTA JERSEY!

    Stopping in from SITS. You have such a fun/wonderful blog here and it’s a pleasure to get to know you a bit better today. Hope you have a great weekend! OXOX

  4. Mamapotamus

    1 February

    Love these ideas, and you’re right – it’s important to date our husbands.

  5. Tara Newman

    1 February

    Hi Whitney, stopping over from SITS. great list of ideas to keep on hand so you don’t waste time figuring out what to do.

  6. Those are some really good ideas! And Lord know I NEED to spend some time with my husband. We only have two kids but still can’t really find the time (or energy) to do anything. By the time both of them are in bed, we’re beat. I can barely get myself to shower or brush my teeth. But it is essential that we make an effort, and this list is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!! I’m going to start planning date night right now 🙂

  7. Taryn T.

    2 February

    My favorite thing about my Valentine is that he can cook!! So much better than any night out!

  8. I love this article! I’m celebrating 15 years with my husband today, and we can always use new ideas!!!

  9. Ugochi Jolomi

    11 February

    I would reeeeaaaallllly love to learn a dance with my husband! I am very hopeful it shall come to pass. Thanks for sharing these date ideas, visiting from Titus 2sday, do have a super blessed day!

  10. monicapruett

    27 February

    Featuring you at Family Fun Friday! http://www.happyandblessedhome.com/2014/02/family-fun-friday-week-58-100-date-night-ideas Thanks for all the great ideas!

  11. Elizabeth

    11 January

    This list awesome! Hmm… I would maybe add if we had friends that are in a relationship as well, we can double date?

  12. Kaitlin

    16 February

    Hi Whitney!

    I really enjoyed this list of date ideas, it can be so hard to think of a fun activity to do together and this list makes it simple and easy! I’ll definitely be referring to it again and again. My husband and I love watch movies “theater” style and play board (or dice) games.

    Thanks for the great list of ideas!

  13. Brenda Davis

    20 March

    How about a day of Bird watching, A walk in the park, medal detecting together, Race model cars.

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